Allan Civil Memorial Rotoiti Classic

17 / 34 / 50 Miler for Trailer Yachts
11 November 2017
2017-2018 season
Wednesday night Olympic series NOR and Sailing instructions
Wednesday night alternative sailing programme (WASP) series NOR and Sailing instructions
Sunday Summer series NOR and Sailing instructions
BOPTYS uses the Sail 100 progressive handicap system with a ECHO 60%-40% adjustment:
Boats start a series with their handicap carried over from the same type of series in the previous year, if we don’t have this we use NZTYA number.
After a race the ECHO handicap is the handicap needed for each boat to finish in a dead heat. This is then used to adjust the boats start handicap on a 60% this race handicap and 40% ECHO handicap to work out the next race handicap.

Vice Commodore

BOPTYS offers a variety of racing for its members. There is a Summer Weekend Event Series of racing and social events and two Wednesday Olympic Series and a Friday Night series. See the following for full details.
  1. Notice of Race (NOR)
  2. Sailing Instructions

More details can also be found on the BOPTYS Calendar regarding dates.

ISAF Racing rules and Yachting NZ Safety Regulations are also available for download below.